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Surey Pacific manufacturers of all kinds of disposable material, industrial clothing, safety footwear, gloves and HDPE bags / foils. Our main product range includes:

  • Polyethylene or polypropylene disposable work coats.
  • Polypropylene and other material coveralls or overalls.
  • Polyethylene disposable sleeves for different uses made of PVC or polyurethane.
  • Shoe-covers and bouffant caps made of different materials.
  • All kinds of dispensers for disposables, as well as visit kits.
  • Safety footwear, gloves and industrial clothing.
  • HDPE bags/foils.

Our prices are truly competitive, without compromising quality. We are always in search of innovations in the industry, in order to offer the best products to our customers and also seeking to get the best quality-price ratio. On the other hand, we pay a lot of attention to our customers feedback, through which we draw conclusions on a daily basis that help us to improve gradually.