Anti-viral, anti-bacterial and reusable mask
Cod. Web: 42500


Anti-viral, anti-bacterial and reusable mask by Surey Protect. Made in Spain from silver ions, RUCO® BAG AGP. Effective against the proliferation of viruses.


Anti-viral, anti-bacterial and reusablemask by Surey Protect. Made in Spain, this mask offers safety, quality and innovation. Its innovative Silverplus® finish based on silver ions, RUCO® BAG AGP, makes it an effective barrier against the proliferation of viruses as this textile treatment creates an almost infinite deposit of this active substance, which releases the silver ions in a dosed manner according to need and detected humidity.

  • Warning: this device is not a medical device within the meaning of directive 93/42 or regulation EU/2017/745, nor a PPE within the meaning of regulation EU/2016/425.
  • Antiviral / Antibacterial: RUCO® BAG AGP innovative Silverplus finish based on silver ions. Antifungal.
  • Hydrophobic: Avoids the entry of contaminated droplets and expels humidity to the outside. Keeps the skin dry by increasing comfort and performance.
  • Comfort: Perfect facial fit. Natural elasticity. Excellent breathability. Offers a soft touch. The fabric maintains its original shape after being washed.
  • Thermoregulation: Intelligent fiber that adapts to temperature changes and regulates it according to use and conditions. The fibre acts as an insulator or filter as needed. Its properties favour perspiration.
  • Reusable: Up to 60 washes without losing its properties. No harmful effects on the environment. 100% recyclable.
  • Safe: Anti-allergic. Does not irritate the skin. Non-toxic.
  • Certified according to European standard CWA 17553:2020(E).
  • Bacterial efficacy ( BFE ) (%): 85.64
  • Breathability Differential Pressure (Pa/cm2): 69.
  • Made in Spain.
  • Possibility of customization, to consult.

Available colours:

  • Blue ref. 42500 - Size L 
  • Blue ref. 42501 - Size S
  • Blue ref. 42502 - Size M
  • Fuchsia ref. 42505 - Size S
  • Fuchsia ref. 42506 - Size M
  • Black ref. 42509 - Size M
  • Black ref. 42510 - Size L

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