FAN LANCE 500MM 25º/30L.
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FAN LANCE 500MM 25º/30L.
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FAN LANCE 500MM 25º/30L.


The Fan Lance 500MM 25º/30L for hoses is the perfect tool for those looking for efficient and effective cleaning in industrial environments. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to clean. The high-resistance mico guarantees exceptional durability even under the most demanding conditions.

With a dispersion angle of 25 degrees and a capacity of 30 liters, this fan lance is capable of covering large areas in a short time. record. Its powerful water flow provides optimal pressure to remove the most stubborn dirt, allowing you to save time and effort on each task.

  • 500mm antimicrobial flat fan lance with 25/30 nozzle.
  • Length: 500 mm.
  • Weight: 550g.
  • Flow angle: 25°/30 l/m
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Stainless steel, PP and thermoplastic elastomer spout cover, antimicrobial and detectable additives in spout cover.
  • Recommended working pressure: 3-30 bar.

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